NorthStar Energy Services maintains a QA/QC program of systematic activities ensuring that quality requirements for our products and services are fulfilled. Errors are prevented through constant measurement, comparison with standards, and monitoring of processes. Through proper management of the quality of raw materials, equipment, assembly, and inspection, we can ensure that mistakes have been eliminated and our work will meet its intended purpose. Focus is placed upon the processes involved in production of the work. We emphasize controls, job management, performance, and identification of the skills, experience and qualifications of the personnel performing the work.

Examine Plans and Specifications
Schedule Material and Equipment Deliveries
Accurate Wording of Purchase Orders
Material Receiving, Storage, and Control
Continuously Monitor Installed Work
Testing and Acceptance: X-Ray, Hydro, NDE, PWHT
Quality Checklist
Test Package Turnover
System Turnover
Work Order Close Out
QA/QC Audits