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NorthStar Energy Services is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment on all locations at which we operate. Whether at office facilities or job sites, the safety and well-being of our customers, employees, subcontractors, visitors, environment, and the public at large are paramount. All contractors and vendors that work for NorthStar are expected to adopt the same level of dedication and effort to working safely.

NorthStar has commissioned ISNetworld to manage the Environmental, Health, and Safety compliance information for all contractors that wish to provide services to our company. Service providers must maintain an active subscription to ISNetworld. ISNetworld will collect and evaluate contractor documentation to make sure their policies, programs and procedures meet NorthStar and OSHA environmental, health, and safety standards.

There is a fee to subscribe to ISNetworld, but NorthStar believes the benefits to both parties far outweigh the costs. If your company currently subscribes to ISNetworld, there is no additional fee; however, make sure that your company requests connection to NorthStar and provides the information to ISNetworld that is specific to our company.

For more information about the benefits of being a subscriber to ISNetworld, please contact the ISN Customer Service Team using the information provided below.

Phone:  800-976-1303